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public transportation

Railway System Works

CMC specialises in railway-related technology within the sphere of Light Rail Transit (LRT), Mass Rapit Transit (MRT), monorail and mainline intercity rail. CMC’s competencies include but not limited to signalling (loop-based ATC and CBTC systems), SCADA, telecommunication subsystems, track works, electrification and power rail, passengers platform intrusion system, automated fare collection (AFC), platform screen doors and information management and entertainment systems. 


Experience in other public transportation sectors

Road Solutions:


  • Integrated Traffic Management System

  • Critical Information System


Marine Solutions:

  • Berthing System (Laser Sensors, Berthing Aid)

  • Radar System (VTS & AIS)

  • Meteorological System

  • Security System (Access & Surveillance)

  • Data & Voice Communication (IP-PBX, PAGA)


Air Traffic:

  • Data Networking, Communication and Applications

  • Digital Signage for Airport Hubs

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